Public Engagement

I aim to make my academic research and knowledge accessible to wider policy and public audiences through public writing and media appearances, to engage with public debates, and to speak and act against injustice and for human rights.

In addition to writing and media appearances, I act as a country conditions expert providing briefs and testimony for Nicaraguan asylum seekers. If you are an attorney or representative for an asylum seeker and are looking for a country expert, please email me and I can also suggest other potential experts if I am unable to fulfill the role at that time.

Public Writing

2021. “Ortega and Murillo’s Two-Level Game” / “El juego a dos niveles de Ortega y Murillo.” Latinoamérica21, 28 June.

2021. “The 2021 Elections and Uganda’s Crisis of Continuity.” Epicenter (Harvard Weatherhead Center for International Affairs), 31 March.

2020. “Two years after Nicaragua’s mass uprising started, why is Daniel Ortega still in power?The Washington Post Monkey Cage, 1 May (with Mateo Jarquín).

2020. “Nicaragua is Stumbling into Coronavirus Disaster.” Foreign Policy, 17 April.

2019. “Violence is Sometimes the Answer: Protesters get slammed by critics whenever they use force. But for the state, it’s normalized.” Foreign Policy, 5 December. Discussed on the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace’s ‘The World Unpacked’ podcast.

2019. “Repression and Resilience in Nicaragua: How Daniel Ortega Weathered 2018 Storm…and What Comes Next.” ReVista: Harvard Review of Latin American Studies, 28 August (with Eric Mosinger).

2019. “Authoritarian Resilience: Why Bouteflika and Bashir Fell, but Ortega Remains,” Political Violence @ a Glance, 30 April.

2019. “Flying Blind in Crisis Time: The US Strategic and Human Foreign Policy Deficit,” Duck of Minerva, 28 February.

2019. “Resisting Democratic Erosion in Latin America and Beyond,” Political Violence @ a Glance, 15 January. Republished by LAC Perspectivas (Korbel School Latin America Center).

2018. “Aid and Diplomacy, Not Tear Gas: How to Address the Central American Migrant Crisis,” Duck of Minerva, 27 November. Republished by The Big Q (New Zealand).

2018. “Peacekeeping’s Perverse Effects: Bolsonaro and Brazil’s Remilitarized Politics,” Duck of Minerva, 16 October.

2018. “Repression, Regime Consolidation, and Latin America’s Authoritarian (Re)Turn,” Political Violence @ a Glance, 25 September.

2018. “In massive street protests, Nicaraguans are using Ortega’s revolutionary symbols against him,” The Washington Post Monkey Cage, 14 May (with Yerling Aguilera and Eric Mosinger).

2018. “A New Nicaraguan Revolution? Understanding This Week’s Popular Protests?Political Violence @ a Glance, 3 May (with Eric Mosinger).

2018. “Nicaragua protests threaten an authoritarian regime that looked like it might never fall,” The Conversation, 2 May (with Eric Mosinger). Republished by PRI, San Francisco Chronicle, Pacific Standard, and San Antonio News-Express.

2016. “Hurricane Mary,” Roads and Kingdoms, 17 February. News story on the politics of informality, development, and destructive government clean-up efforts in Monrovia, Liberia, with photos by Ben Cleeton.

Media Appearances and Interviews

2021     La Presse (Canada, 12 June), BBC World Service (14 June)

2020    Infobae (Argentina, 19 January), CQ Researcher (5 March), La Presse (Canada, 21 April), The World Unpacked podcast (Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, 30 April), Hanoi Philosophy Forum (3 June)

2019    Radio-Canada (3 May)

2018    BBC World News Today (3 June), France24 (17 July), Gazeta do Povo (Brazil, 27 July, 5 December)